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The original producers of the high quality, American made, agatized wood bowls and kitchenwares since 1950! 

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Who we are

Ellinger's Agatized Wood Inc.  began after the original owners Walt and Hubert Ellinger saw wood dishware being manufactured with natural wood  powder and resins using compression molding while on a trip to Germany. This has resulted in us producing durable, waterproof, lightweight, and dishwasher safe wood bowls and tablewares, suitable for both hot or cold foods. They will not crack, chip, or warp after may years of use. These products are made to last a lifetime!  

A Certified Product for All!

All products are made with FDA approved materials, we are BPA and BPS free, and we are certified by the NHMA, National Housewares Manufactures Association. Our raw materials are of the highest quality, produced in the USA. Our wood kitchenwares have a wide audience, ranging from the food service industry and restaurants, to the housewares industry.  Our beautiful bowls can be used as gift baskets, to be filled with treats and snacks, to fresh fruit and candy, up to everyday use in the kitchen and on your family table.  

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Ellingers Agatized Inc. has always been and still is a small family owned and operated business and aim to have satisfied customers.  Our products will last for generations and your satisfaction is our GUARANTEE! Please let us know if your Ellingers wood bowls are not up to your standards and we will do all we can to make it right.