Still Loving 'Em, even after 60 Years!

We get letters and phone calls from customers, almost daily, even from some who bought our kitchenwares in the 50's, and are still using their original wood bowls! Now that's a product testimonial!  Here are just a few of those words;

 "Have a set of these bowls for over 20 years! Thanks for the great products."

"I ADORE my bowls.  I keep them out, I don't even put them in shelves, because I'm always reaching for them."

"I  bought my first Ellinger's bowls about 24 years ago.They are the most  durable, beautiful & useful bowls I've ever owned.They have been used on a daily basis & are still as perfect as the day I bought  them. Wonderful products!"

"Mom and Dad bought some of your bowls  probably 50 years ago. Dad always raves about how good your bowls are and how long they have lasted.  So, I decided to get them some new  ones."

"Absolutely love the bowls and quality of them"

"Every once in a  while you come across a product that makes you want to share and sing  its praises with all your friends and family. That's what happened when I discovered Ellinger's Agatized Wood products after placing my first order for 4 bowls a couple of months ago. I not only use my bowls for mixing, I also use them for decorative bowls to display my fruits and vegetables. Their prices are very reasonable!"

"I  had an old bowl that I loved, so I looked up the name on the bottom and I'm delighted that you are still making this product!"

"Not your basic dollar store junk. Have these same bowls handed down from my grandmother!"

"My grandparents bought a set of bowls at the Bloomsburg Fair and they were passed down for 20+ years."

"For 35 years I've used the 14in salad bowl to make my Thanksgiving stuffing."

"I have 4 deep bowls, love them for salads....buying them for a friend who loves them also.....great product"

"Impressed with how well the bowl has held up for over 15 years and wanted to outfit my whole kitchen with them"

"Great product that I have been using for over 25 years"

"Best darn bowl in my cupboard.  Durable."

"I have a bowl I LOVE, had it a long time, read the Co. name on the bottom, and wanted more!  I love your product!!!"

"Boy, do they ever hold up; they are tough"

"I think these bowls will out last the planet!!!!"